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Cu peptides, AHA acids - NEIGE Blue line Eng.

collection NIEGE Blue Line is classified in medical cosmetics category, with copper peptides and alfahidroksi acids, as dominant bioactive principles for regeneration and remodelling of the skin, hair and nails.
It is effective on any type of skin, so absolutely everybody at any age can use NIEGE Blue Line products, because collection is formulated as gentle, moisturizing and easily absorbed.
Skin treatment with NIEGE Blue Line products with copper peptides results in:
- Increase of skin thickness,
- Higher elasticity,
- Firmness and,
- Increase in quantity of underlying skin tissue, which results in removal of
- To prevent aging,
- To remodel skin and,
- For intensive ongoing care.
NEIGE Blue line collection is also recommended to persons with problematic and damaged skin, because strongly influences its regeneration.
NIEGE anti age night 30 ml
NIEGE antiride 15 ml
 Copper peptides and their effect on skin, hair and nails Bio-chemical processes, that are taking place in damaged skin, can be explained in following phases:
- After the skin is damaged, protease enzymes are released from the destroyed cells . These enzymes dissolve albumen (proteins) in the tissue into peptides.
- Peptides bind bivalent copper ions in albumen (blood plasma proteins) and form copper peptides in the damage zone.
- Copper peptides act as chemical signal to immune system, informing the system that the skin is damaged and that it has to be regenerated.
- Immune system takes all necessary actions to regenerate and remodel damaged skin and to remove all damaged parts.
- Application of laboratory made copper peptides to undamaged skin results in identical regeneration process as in the case of damaged skin.
  Therefore, copper peptides are declared the most powerfull regeneration medium which also slows down aging process (angi-aging effect).
- Because of its strong regenerative effect on the tissue, copper peptides are used for treating wounds, ulcers, varicose veins, pressure ulcers, in hair
  transplant treatment, and in other surgical and post-operative interventions, dermabrasion and other intensive cosmetic treatments.

Peptides are also effective in cases of psoriasis, diabetes and eczema. Beside mentioned applications, copper peptides are successfully used for removal of damaged skin caused by harmful effects of sun and other radiation and removal of wrinkles, acne and scars.

Modern science is convinced that the effectiveness of copper peptides in regeneration of skin, hair and nails is much greater than effectiveness of retinoic and ascorbic acid. This opinion is confirmed by results of numerous human and animal studies.
Recently copper peptides found their application in medical cosmetics.
Applied to skin they stimulate:
- Synthesis of collagen, tightening of the skin and removal of small wrinkles,
- Synthesis of elastin, hyaluronic acid and metaloproteinases,
- Formation of extracellular matrix between cells which increases firmness of the skin,
- Synthesis of GAGS (glycosaminoglycanes) which makes dermis thicker, and skin healthier
- Formation of new capillary system in tissue (angiogenesis), which improves skin supply of oxygen and nutritious substances.
- Activity of superoxide dismutase enzyme, which is a strong antioxidant 

Alfahidroksi acids and their effects on the skin
Alfahidroksi acids have wide application in cosmetic products for active care, anti aging, regeneration and restoration of degenerative skin changes.
Alfahidroksi acids influence:
- Decline in adhesive forces between corneocytes,
- Increased peeling of surface layers of skin,
- Regeneration of cells,
- Regulation of skin moisture,
- Improvement in skin elasticity by stimulating collagen and mucin,
- Regulation of pH values, especialy of oily skin with tendency to create acne
Everyday application of alfahidroksi acids visibly diminishes signs of skin aging. It also, positively influences wide range of unwanted dermatological changes including acne vulgaris, ichtyosis, keratosis and pigmentation. Results of fruit acid use are visible after one month, but its necessary to continue with the treatment in order to insure that positive effects last permanently.

NIEGE Blue Line Dermo-cosmetics collection
Niege Blue Line is formulated for intensive and ongoing care, anti-aging, regeneration and remodeling of skin, hair and nails.
Blue Line is collection of reliable and effective products that activate natural powers of our organism, leading to removal of aging effects on our skin and hair, and maintaining their health. It is recommended for all types of skin and for all ages, regardless of gender.

Collection is formulated as light, emollient, moist, and with high absorpion capacity.

Treatment of the healty skin with NIEGE Blue Line collection products leads to an increase in skin thickness, elasticity and strength.
After few months of continual use, disappearance of spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and other unwanted skin changes may be noticed.

Because of its strong regeneration capability, collection NIEGE Blue Line is recomended for everyone - people with healthy skin, as well as those with problematic and damaged skin.
Collection NIEGE Blue Line contains 3 products for remodeling, regeneration, ongoing care, anti-aging, and one product for hair growth and strengthening.
Antiride with copper peptides – for very sensitive, thin skin around eyes which contains no sebacoeus glands and requires special care.
Antiage day with fruit acids – anti-aging product for continuous care, daily regeneration of the skin and preparation of the skin for application of copper peptides. It removes dead skin which allows copper peptides maximal efficiency. Also this product contains UV filter which protects light-sensitive skin.
Antiage night with copper peptides – for night regeneration and remodeling of the skin, continuous care and anti-aging.

Both products with copper peptides have similar contents. They contain bio-active substances such as aloe vera gel, extract of dark sea algae, shea butter, cacao butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and vitamin E. In addition to all mentioned previously, Antiride product also contains caffeine which diminishes swelling of the eye-lids and removes dark circles under the eyes.
We recomend regular use of products with copper peptides (Antiage night and Antirade) for night, in combination with Antiage day product with alfahidroksi acids for day.
Folimax with copper peptides – for activation of living hair follicles, increase of in number of hair follicles, and stimulation of hair growth.
Copper peptides stimulate angiogenesis – formation of new capillary networks which increase blood circulation, respectively improving the supply of hair roots with oxygen and nutritious substances.
Remodeling of skin and hair follicles is interrelated; so all the substances that perform skin remodelling instigate restoration and growth of hair follicles on areas of the body that are covered by hair.
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