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Neonet Purifico Waterstations 
The enormous growth of the human population induces aproportional increase of the elementary needs for water and food. As far as water is concerned, the most delicate problem is providing high quality drinking water. The expansion of industry and agriculture and urban development of the areas, gave birth to ecological problems. The collision of simultaneous pollution processes and increased needs for high quality drinking water have faced the man with need of finding respective solutions. In large cities, the water supply relies on the centralized systems, which use high technologies for drinking water treatment. In such cases , supplying of population with bottled drinking water is also used. Both alternatives presume relatively high costs, therefore, such solutions cannot be considered as being economical. In less populated areas the problem is usually solved by individual water supplies. However , such solutions very often do not meet the elementary hygienic and saniyary requirements. The research made by the WHO confirm that worldwide each year about 50 million people get sick, out of which 20 million die, because of the use of hygienically inappropriate water. The other category of problems, where the centralized water supply solutions are not completely satisfactory are extraordinary situations, such as earthquakes, floods, war, etc. One of the ways how to solve the water supply problem, in the before mentioned cases , is to apply the Neonet Purifico Waterstation with Aqua filter for water purification
Purifico Waterstations are compact mobile mini units with capacity from 100 to 2500 l/hour, which produce high quality drinking water. A) By purification of WATER FROM SUPPLY NETWORK Purifico Waterstations are very convenient for use in large cities in which tap (net) water does not meet standards for potable water. They are also very efficient for the improvement of drinking water quality. B) By purification of RAW (NATURAL ) WATER (river, lake, atmospheric or ground water ) This means that Purifico Waterstations can provide drinking water in the following cases :
* for needs of individual water supply (out of city areas ), especially in developing countries,
* for military needs, and
* in extraordinary situations ( such as war,earthquakes, floods, etc.) More than 90% of polluted water (except sea water) on Earth may be turned, by using Purifico water stations, into drinking water. However, it is necessary to point out, that Purifico Waterstations cannot provide drinking water from the water that has been contaminated by radioactive matter, nor from chemically heavily polluted water. The main characteristics of Purifico products are :
* Economy,
* Durability, (filter mass of purification devices is much more durable than any other known),
* Fast and easy regeneration of filter,
* Small weight of a filter mass,
* Easy handling (namely, automatic operation. There is no need for training of any kind : one should simply follow the instructions to use the devices.)
* Highly safe operation (owing to simple construction, damage of device is almost impossible)
* No additional energy is needed for their operation (because it is based on the pure hydraulic principles.

Purifico Waterstations for water treatment operate on the basis of so called contact coagulation and there is no need for prior flocculation and sedimentation. Specially prepared plastic mass is utilized for water filtration/purification. Owing to its excellent filtrating characteristics and its economic properties it exceeds by far the conventional filtering materials like : sand, asbestos- cellulose, diatomaceous earth and others. Comparing to these materials, used filter mass is durable i.e., it is not to be discharged after use, but easily and simply backwashed by compressed air (using hand or foot pump). After certain time interval it is necessary to replace used filter material by new one. Duration of this time depends on the quality of filtrated water ( approximately, the new filter mass package is needed every 1-2 years.)

It is a fact that raw (natural) water contains different types of pollutants ( chemical compounds and microorganisms : bacteria, viruses etc. ) and therefore can not be used for drinking. It is also known that water supplied from the majority of municipal waterworks, although permitted for public consumption, still contains small quantities of harmful substances such as organic matter, pesticides, fertilizers, detergents, phenols, mineral oils, heavy metals, bacteria etc. Some of the mentioned pollutants can cause acute diseases or chronical health effects. Certain substances are known to accumulate in the human body and thus, over the time, become dangerous since they have toxic, allergogenic, mutagenic and even cancerogenous effects. Purifico filter devices reduce to a great extent the quantity of pollutants, and thus significanty improves the water quality, i.e. improve physical and chemical properties and eliminate microorganisms from water. Up to now , it is confirmed that the use of Purifico Waterstation :
* Improves physical and organoleptic properties of water (colour,turbidity, odour,taste etc.)
* Reduces considerably the quantity of the following macro pollutants ( up to 100%) : ammonium nitrites, iron and manganese.
* Reduces the quantity of organic matter (40-80%) in water.
* Reduces considerably the content of water micro pollutants such as : heavy metals ( up to 100%) phenols (up to 100%), pesticides and insecticides (65-75%), detergents, etc.
* Eliminates very effectively bateria from water (mainly 99-100%).
* Reduces quantity of harmful substances produced by chemical reaction between chlorine (used for disinfection) and organic matter contained in water.   

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